The Mystical Source

“At the moment when our social, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being become issues that we do not want to ignore any more, we come to this great opportunity and this precious moment to heal trauma and free ourselves from the conditioning that brought us here.”

“The heart that breaks wide open wide can contain the whole universe. Your heart is that big. Trust it. Keep breathing”
– Joanna Macy

∞ Feel the interrelationship of all things ∞
∞ Develop kindness and wisdom ∞
∞ Live a Mystic Experience ∞
∞ Unleash your unlimited potential ∞

Connection to Nature
Massage and Reiki

Making of ritual object 
Integration process

The Work that Reconnect
Sharing Circles
Tales, Music and Songs


Connect together, in nature in kindness, love and joy.

Dissolve the masks of illusion.

Understand and let go of our limiting and sometimes destructive patterns.

Get out of the “maya” and dive into new realities filled with teachings, blessings, allies and gifts.

To meet with the source of Life, the Sacred, the Universe.

Discover where we come from, who we are and a new way of life.

Weave our life with a lot more awareness.


What to bring :

> Tent, warm blanket, mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.
> Warm clothing and rain gear.
> Swim suit and towel.
> Pencils and notebook.
> A small significant object for you in connection with this immersion.
> Drum, djembe, flute, musical instruments, if you wish.

Two vegan meals a day and snacks.
Camping on site.

– At least one retreat with a ceremony guided by Matyu.
– A meditation practice.
– Ta have talk with one of the Alma Tierra’s team member prior to the retreat.

In the spirit of this retreat
In coherence with our vision, do not bring any alcohol or drugs at the Sanctuary.
Please leave all electronic device in your car or home so that we can connect in direct human way. Frid

To participate

Write in your message your name, the event you want to participate in and the names of the people if you are more than one. Make sure you have read the information on the part of the Immersion in which you come to participate! We will contact you for details. Do not hesitate to write to us if you have questions.

Looking forward to welcome you here.


The ocean does not refuse any river. This, no matter how much she was polluted throughout her journey. The ocean welcomes it because every river comes from the source, the source of life.

The process of this Immersion is a human passage of connection to the mystery of creation, to the magic of our universe and to the mystical experience therein.

In the beauty of the wilderness, between mountains, lakes and river this immersion offers us an opportunity to travel to the heart of what we are. A way towards maturation to become an adult at the service of life, beings and the reality in which we live. That, with our donations and our full potential.

This process invites us to dive into the depths of our being and to touch and illuminate what was buried throughout our lives. Dissolve the veils of illusion and rediscover where we come from. The experience nourishes the soul and the heart because it reveals us and makes us live what the world’s spiritualities have been telling us for centuries.

We choose to undertake this process in order to return to what we are beyond the limits we have believed so far. In this way, we discover what makes us happy and how we will contribute to the world we live in for the well-being and joy of all.

We go together in the mystery, the beauty and the shadow of human existence, in the abysses and the paradises which are full of unknown and it is through this journey that our light takes all its power because we experiment of where she comes from. The Mystic Source.


Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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