Alma Tierra' Sanctuary

Arrival and departure:
Contact-us to arrange your time here.


Schedule of the Sanctuary

6h30  : Meditation and satsang
8h30  : Yoga
10h00 : Brunch
11h00  : Karma Yoga (working on site) and/or workshop
16h30  : Free time, guidance, personal projects and/workshop
18h00  : Dinner
20h00  : Evening :  – Songs and music, fire, philosophy, sharing circle, satsang.
22h00 : Meditation

Others activities
Forest walk

Vegan meal offered by the Sanctuary, cooked by Alma Tierra’s team and voluntaries. 

Site and infrastructure
There is no running water (apart from the river) or electricity on the property. We have candles for the evenings in the yurt.

Order and beauty
Respect the order and each elements of the Sanctuary. Each things have it’s own place with the intention of serving the vision and the people who stay at the Sanctuary. Please ask before moving things around or installing your own things. When you use things of the Sanctuary (tools, dishes, mat, blanket, coussin, music instrument, etc) put them back at the same place. 

Calm and harmony
The Sanctuary is a place of peace and harmony with all our relationships and the beings of the place (animals, plants, trees, elements, etc.) In order to serve this intention, we ask to refrain from shouting and raising the voice. This, with the exception of emergencies and moments created for this vocal expression. 

Smoking and vaping is allowed in the parking lot only. Dispose of cigarette butts in the containers provided for this purpose.

Drugs and alcohol
In the spirit and vision of the Alma Tierra Sanctuary, come without alcohol and “drugs” or a substance that alters your state of consciousness.

Lights are allowed in the places provided for this purpose. If you want to make a fire somewhere else, ask the center team first. Use dead trees for fires. Turn off the lights when you are no longer watching them.

Dogs and pets
Dogs and pets are not allowed at the Sanctuary, so for those concerned, please make arrangements beforehand. Dogs and other free-roaming animals can cause wild animals to wander. Barking, arguing with other dogs and pets, excrement, hunting and frightening wild animals are among the reasons that guide this choice.

Leave the place as you found it
Bring whatever you bring with you when you go to the Sanctuary unless otherwise agreed with center officials. Equipment, tent, food, etc. This also applies to recycling and waste. We make compost for everything organic, we use what is burned in the fires (wood and paper only) and we recycle and bring everything else (glass, metals, other waste). Even better, try not to have waste!

What to bring:

  • Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mattress as needed and pillow.
  • Yoga mat.
  • Flash light.
  • Warm evening clothing and waterproof clothing
  • Sun hat and sunscreen
  • Swim suit and towel.
  • Music instrument. Your voice! The rhythm of your soul! The drum of your heart!

To leave at home or in the car:

– Computer
– Cellular (unless there is a specific need)

We are pleased to welcome you.


Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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