Harmonizing our relation, with ourself, others and all beings. Joining forces.

“There are sacred moments in life when we live in a very direct way that separation, the boundary between ourselves and other people and between us and nature, is an illusion. In these moments, we realize that reality is composed of inter-relationships”. – Charlene Spretnak

Re-learning to live in harmony with oneself and with all our relationships. Gathering, being deeply nourished and creating the emergence of a regenerative vision that is meaningfull. Co-operating, organizing, unifying and implementing a new story for the common good of all life on earth.

This step is to discover the strength of the group and the community. The power of intention to create the vision of a better world based on our core values. It is to become aware of our human needs and learn a new way of communicating based on kindness, inter-relationship and trust. In the process, we learn a new way of being together; how to encourage, support, cooperate, make decisions so that the needs of all may be meet. We learn how to navigate conflict and understand it as a learning opportunity to step out of it with growth and confidence to move forward. We explore how to listen and how to find creative and nourishing solutions to work for the common good, the earth and future generations. This step teaches us how we can all be leaders, with our unique talents in service of life and how to unite and organize ourselves effectively to create the changes we want to see in our lives and in this world.

Teaching et Process 

  • Intention, vision and values
  • Creative communication, empathy, deep listening and trust
  • Empowerment of the group and the larger system
  • Coming back in circle
    Group process
  • Decision making process
  • Meeting and facilitation
  • Mediation and conflict resolution, peace restoration
  • Organization, Planning and Action


Integrating Humans into Nature

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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