Vision Quest
18 to 25 of August

“When we are ready to live a meaningful life. When we are at a crossroads and we feel the time is right to choose with our hearts. When we want to get out of the doubt and confusion that blurs the voice of intuition. When our minds call us to realize the dreams that live in us. When we come to this time we are ready for a new life. It is then time for us to go to the Quest of Vision, to the quest of the hero inside of us. A rite of passage, a door that opens and invites us to become even more the unique and wonderful being that we are.”

∞ Calm the mind and cultivate intuition ∞
∞ Discover inside you, the truth ∞
∞Integrate courage and confidence ∞
∞ Listen to the messages of nature ∞
∞ Find your path to the service of life ∞

Meditation and Yoga
Connection to Nature
Breath and mental calm
Prayer and intention

Quest Preparation
Vision Quest
Integration process

Tales, Music and Songs
Sharing circle
The path to the service of life


Connecting together, surrounded by nature in love, courage and confidence.

Creating the space in itself for the Vision Quest and understanding this rite of passage.

Developing the qualities and practice of mental calm.

Entering the present moment.

Taking responsibility for our path on earth.

Living the Vision Quest and receiving the gifts of the universe.

Increasing our courage and acting in coherence with life in us.

Moving forward and being an agent of change in the service of the common good.


Arrival: Tuesday 18 August 4pm
Departure: Tuesday 25 August 4pm

What to bring:

Your prayer rope for the Quest.
Tent, warm blanket, mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.
Warm clothing and clothing for rain.
A 10×10 tarp for rain and shade.
Swim suit and towel.
Pencils and notebook.
An important and significant object for you in connection with this Quest of Vision.
Drum, djembe, flute, musical instruments, if you wish.

Two vegan meals per day and snacks (except quest days).
Camping on site.

In the spirit of this retreat
In coherence with our vision, do not bring any alcohol or drugs at the Sanctuary.
Please leave all electronic device in your car or home so that we can connect in direct human way. 

To participate

Write in your message your name, the event you want to participate in and the names of the people if you are more than one. Make sure you have read the information on the part of the Immersion in which you come to participate! We will contact you for details. Do not hesitate to write to us if you have questions.

Looking forward to welcome you here.

∞ Free ∞


The Spirit is all that is, has always been and will be to infinity. He-She is the thought of all things, which existed in nothingness before creation, before the great separation. The Spirit is in the center and everywhere at once. It can not be named because it existed before the word, before the light, before the matter.

The Spirit is there, near us, before and since our birth and we can feel it. However, with the time and conditioning of a society sometimes disconnecting, the mind may seem far away, or even nonexistent. It may happen that we are lost without knowing where we are wandering. But still, the call is there. He blows softly like a dream forgotten in the ear of the one who carries in his heart the desire to find his way.

The song of the Spirit comes to us. He beseeches us, like the song of the sirens, to come and meet him, alone in nature at the mercy of the elements of creation. Then there comes a time when fear is no longer strong enough to prevent us from answering his call. A time when the chains of the world of illusion are no longer solid enough to hold us back because we realize that the union with the Spirit, the Divine is the end of the great separation, the end of suffering, the return at home.

The Spirit calls us to this quest, this vision quest where we go alone, in the heart of nature for four days and nights, in fasting, to pray, connect and receive.

This step requires first a process of taming the inner and outer nature of our universe. A preparation on the way to this quest. It’s a commitment to oneself and all our relationships. A commitment to integrate, implement and share the lessons learned for the rest of our adventure here.


Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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