The Night of the Spirit

The wind blows, colder and colder. Trees are letting go of their leaves which are gently swaying to the ground. Harvest time are over and the rain will feed the soil for a few more days …

The night of spirits is approaching. The veil between the worlds is rising, just enough for us to feel that we are not alone here, on this earth. Samhain is at our door. This time and this special night which represents a time of transition, the path between life and death, the passage from one thing to the other before rebirth. This is the moment where we choose to remember and honor our loved ones who have already crossed over, so that we can talk to them, reconnect with them. With those with whom we did not took the time to say goodbye as we would have liked, those whose memory are still present in our heart, those who can guide us on our path and those we have never met but whose presence we feel in our life.

It’s time to look where we are, what we need to let go of, just like the trees are shedding their leaves, so that we can prepare ourselves for a new life. The time to get together, to learn what inspires us and to celebrate together what is really important for us, what is sacred.

We invite you to join us for this time of sharing, rituals and celebration. A time where we will open ourselves to what is greater than us, where we will welcome the unknown; the passage. A time in deep nature, where we find ourselves in circle inside the Great Tipi, near the fire, to the sound of our voices, to the rhythm of the drums, in a state between dream and reality, between worlds; moving towards that which we are called to become.

We invite you with love to the celebration of Samhain which will also be the last celebration of Alma Tierras 2018 season


In the program:

  • Games, music and time in nature
  • Sculpting the pumpkins of Samhain
  • Feast of the food of our ancestors on Saturday night (Potluck Style)
  • Walk with the light of the lantern towards the
  • Great Tipi when the night falls
  • Decoration of the Altar
  • Ceremony of Samhain
    -The Work that Reconnects by Joanna Macy
    -Forgiveness and emancipation
    -Sharing with our ancestors
    -Singing and music
  • A circle to reflect upon the Ceremony of the night before
  • Commitments and blessings for the coming winter

* Camping on site

~ EVENT DETAILS: Important to read ~


Arrival on Saturday morning or before 1h pm
Opening Circle Saturday at 3h pm
Closing Circle Sunday at 4h pm

What to bring:

  • One or few small objects and photos that are important to you, which have a meaning in connection with your dear ones who have passed to the other side or who are physically far away from you.
  • A bowl, a cup, your utensils!
  • Your food for the weekend and a meal to share for the big Saturday Night feast – In relation to your Ancestors
  • Drum, djembe, flute and other musical instruments, if you wish.
  • Songs and stories for the celebration of Samhain.
  • Tent, warm blanket, mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Warm clothes and clothes for rain.

In the spirit of this celebration, we ask you to come without any alcohol and/or drugs. Also, we ask you to leave any electronic device (except for medical exception) in your car to allow us all to connect together, with nature and spirit in a deeper way and to really appreciate the present moment.


To Participate of Alma Tierra’s Celebrations

Write us a message with your name, the celebration you want to attend to and the name of the people that will be coming with you. Make sure you have read the information about the celebration you are attending to! And, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Voluntary Donation!

Looking forward to celebrate with you 🙂


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Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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