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“Every human being have a role in the destiny of all species. It is time to use our resources to meet this responsibility.” 
– Alma Tierra

The Alma Tierra project is the manifestation of a world that makes sense to us. We believe in the possibility of positive evolution, and we are looking for people who feel the same way. If you want to invest your energy in a project with a vision of creating a better world, and feel inspired to contribute, please get in touch. It will be our pleasure to meet you and discuss how you wish to get involved.

Work for Alma Tierra.
We value each other’s work equally because we consider the time and energy of each one, when properly directed and doing what makes sense to us. We want to make sure everyone can get involved in an inspiring way and able to show their qualities and skills!


* What we need now! *

– Funding for the Alma Tierra land purchase.
– Translators for English and Spanish.
– Illustrators, visual artists, graphic designers.
– Web Designer and developer
– Social media contributor(s)
– Researchers for the land at Alma Tierra
– Video creators and Filmmakers
– Construction and natural material enthusiasts
– Those with permaculture and organic farming skills
– Teachers and users of ‘primitive skills’

Are you ready? CONTACT US!


Different ways to participate.

Participate in our events

If you’re interested in our project, programs and courses, and you feel a resonance with our approach, we invite you to participate in any of our offered courses, programs or celebrations.  Look at our Calendar and Contact us. We also invite you to read the sections ABOUT and VISION in order to understand our vision, intention and our central values.

Allies, Adviser, Co-Creator

If you are inspired by the project and wish to contribute your knowledge, ability and experience, we would be glad to welcome you!. The more we are, the faster Alma Tierra will take shape. We are grateful for all help and everyone who wishes to collaborate to make this vision a reality. We invite you to read the sections ABOUT and VISION of Alma Tierra, and contact us. Share with us your interests, experience and who you are, as well as how you wish to participate. We look forward to hearing from you!


You believe in the project, and you wish to financially support. You can click HERE for donation or please contact us -, we need your support in order to keep moving forward, and will be glad to meet you and discuss possibilities.


If you are part of an organization that shares the same vision as ours. We invite you to connect with us, so we can work together to promote our projects and create a better world together.   

If you are ready, CONTACT -US!

To all our relations


Creating Space for Transformation.

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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