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“If we accept the fact that nobody will save us from the approaching storm but that we each have to become a leader and walk towards this storm, and have confidence that others will follow …

If we can do this and we can if we choose, then this period in human history will be the time when humanity will choose to honor the gift of life and it will be a time of great celebrations. “

– Tim Macartney 

We are passionate visionaries, adventurous travelers, committed artists, caring facilitators and conscious creators. We are aware of the current situation on the planet. We choose to manifest what really makes sense to us; a teaching and a place of life and learning that offer a real and profound change of paradigm, of our way of seeing the world, of understanding, of being and of acting in harmony with the natural world and what is alive in us. We are dedicated to this mission and these processes for the well-being of all.

Matyu Hridaya Bhakti
Matyu Hridaya Bhakti

Matyu is the founder of Alma Tierra. A philosophy and a process for human transformation.

His connection to nature, the great mystery of life and his love for the Earth and all beings serve as a foundation in his approach within the spaces he creates and guides. His interest, his constant deepening and his practice of timeless wisdom and processes of transformation are reflected in a humble and coherent way in his teachings and his work.

Over the last twenty years, through his solo travels in more than twenty countries around the world he develops his relationship with himself, others and with creation; In the mountains of France, the Yukon, Canadian Rockies, Alaska, Patagonia and Himalayas, in the Moroccan desert, on the paths of Compostela and during his Visions Quests. Through his path with shamanic ceremonies he experiences the invisible worlds, the healing process, the cosmos, the time of infinite cycles and the mystery of human existence.

He is trained in conscious communication and mediation by the Conscientia Group and Gina Cenciose in Quebec. He is also trained in permaculture, social permaculture, facilitation, rituals and group processes by Starhawk, founder of the “Reclaiming” and “Earth Activist Training” movement. He studied Joanna Macy’s “The Reconnecting Work” and “The Ecology of Leadership” with the Regenerative Design Institute in California. In New Jersey, he learned the basics of “primitive skills” at Tracker School with Tom Brown Jr.
In Mexico, while pursuing his own evolutionary process, he assimilated with Armando Loizaga of the Centro Nierika, the essential elements to guide ceremonies of self-realization and the awakening of consciousness. All these formations and teachings offer him concrete tools which he integrates into his work and which makes it possible to join the spiritual path to the daily and material life.

Matyu is dedicated to the Alma Tierra project and to the service of this path of human transformation, with alignment and love. It is with kindness that he works to enable us to live a happier life, in harmony with the Earth and all our relationships.

Antoine DesRochers
Antoine DesRochers

Actor by profession, Antoine is interested in building healthy habitats for humans and the earth. Inspired by the ancestral and modern architecture he has observed since his childhood through his travels in China, Japan, America and Europe, he is inspired by his research on sacred architecture and primitive architecture. worldwide. Trained in ecological design at Solution Era and the “Sustainable Construction Program” with Chris Magwood at the Endeavor Center, he works to develop construction methods based on the use of natural materials, recycled and directly available on site in the building. aim to harmonize modern and ancestral knowledge related to the current state of the planet.

Antoine also explores the impact of communication through his acting profession and his process in conscious communication with the Conscientia group. In 2017, he begins his second year of integration in order to be certified trainer in a few years.

A lover of life, he enthusiastically places his presence, his knowledge and his career at the service of the Alma Tierra project.


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Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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