The Alma Tierra Center


Come with your good will, curiosity, respect for the people and the place, the desire to learn and to contribute 🙂

Read the community agreements written down before coming to the site and choose to make a positive commitment to put them forth.

Arrivals and Departures:

Contact us before coming to the site to arrange your visit.

Access to the Site

– Hiking trail.
– Swimming.
– Yoga and Meditation.
– Community meal.
– Campfire.
– Learning about life in the center according to the day.
– Camping.



Depending on the season, it is possible to either bring your own food for your stay or to eat the food we cook. Contact us to see the possibilities 🙂 All the food is vegetarian at the Alma Tierra center.
The act of cooking and eating together is a great opportunity for us to bond and cultivate good intentions.

The site and infrastructures

Each one of us engages to respect and take care of the site, the infrastructures and the constructions. There is no running water (except for the river) or electricity on the land. We use candles – We make fires! So, bring a flashlight to light your tents. We also use compost toilets, so: No more wasting water!

Life Agreements at the Alma Tierra Center

When we are on the Alma Tierra site, we are an intentional community of people coexisting together for a time in this space. We must respect everyone’s limits, communicate as clearly as possible and practice goodwill agreements.

When we are on the Alma Tierra’s site, we accept the following agreements:

* We take the agreement to treat each other with respect, compassion, love and humor on the site, as well as through the whole development of the project – Alma Tierra.

* We aim to use all things with good intention, with respect for ourselves, the others and the environment.

* We respect the opening, visiting and closing hours of the site and the center. Some times are reserved for workshops and groups. For all the information, consult our website.

* After using a common good, we bring it back to its place and we make sure to keep each place clean. The beauty of the site is very important to us, so, please help us foment this value.

* We smoke only, either on the municipal road, or in the parking lot. We throw the cigarette butts in the containers provided for this purpose. We don’t smoke elsewhere on site. 

* In the spirit and vision of the Alma Tierra Center, we all come without any alcohol or drugs. This center is an experience aimed at creating and offering: teachings and processes for transformation and a new life style. Aiming for this intention, we choose not to take alcohol or drugs.  If you feel an intense desire to smoke or use these substances, contact us and we will take time together to look at the situation.

*Take care of yourself, it’s sexy. If you need anything –  ask 🙂

* Fires are permitted only in the places created for this purpose. If we want to make a fire in another place, we discuss it with the people of the center first, and we use dead trees for it. We always remember to extinguish fires when we will no longer watch over them.

* We are vigilant with candles and lanterns, we extinguish them when we leave the place where they are lit as well as before going to bed or to lie down.

* We always close the doors of the homes, if we leave the yurts or other constructions.

* We respect everyone living in the land as well as those visiting. In case of conflict, we peacefully resolve our differences and ask for help if it is necessary. We practice respectful language and listening.

* Before taking decisions and / or making actions, we first consult the people at the center as well as the one directly affected by these actions and decisions, so that we can get their agreement.

* The Great Ceremonial Tipi and the Temazcal (Sweat Lodge) are sacred places of sharing and healing. We enter these places with respect and use them for what they are meant for.

* * Pack it in, Pack it out! We bring back home everything we brought with us when we arrived for our visit of the site, unless there’s another agreement already accorded with the community. Equipment: tent, food, clothes, etc., also have to go back home with you, which is also valid for recycling (glass, metals…) and any other type of waste. Except for Compost, everything that is organic, we use it to build the compost for the land of the Center. We also use it in the fires if it burns, (wood, paper, cardboard).
– And even better than all of this, try not to waste!

Thank you for respecting these agreements and being an example.

These agreements are a framework that allow us to be consistent with our vision and values and to help us live in harmony and recreate the space that makes sense to us.

Participate for the joy of all!

During your stay on the site, get involved and enjoy 🙂

A lot of work and love is invested in this project. The trails are cleaned, the wood for celebrations and ceremonies is cut and corded, the housework is done in order to live in a pleasant and healthy environment, meals are cooked, activities are organized, art, music, etc. So, if you want to get your hands dirty and bring your talents and skills, come talk to us, you’re welcome.


What to bring:

All your beautiful energies and intentions, your sense of humor, beautiful creative ideas (art, workshops, shows, etc.), the desire of cooperating, learning and experiencing. A nice dose of openness and sharing of songs, stories and poetry. The will to jump into the unknown; The appreciation of differences. Your best talents, and the most important of it all: Bring as little material as possible. We aim to reduce our material dependence and increase our connection with ourselves, others and nature.

As for the material:

*Tent, sleeping bag, mattress and pillow.
* Plate, bowl, utensils and cup.
* Flashlight, it’s up to you!
*Warm clothing for the evening and waterproof clothing
*Hat for the sun and solar cream
*Bathing suit and towel if you expect to jump in the river!
*Personal washroom items – Such as a toothbrush.
*Music instruments, your voice and the rhythm of your soul, as well as the drum of your heart!  

To leave home or in the car: your Computer and Cell phone (unless you have a very particular and specific need, or a medical emergency)

The Toilet

There are composting toilets on the ground, so you can use them for your needs. If not, nature is also here for you, especially for liquid if you feel comfortable with it, however, remember NO paper towel in nature!!


We ask people not to bring their dogs to the land and to make sure they find someone that takes care of them in advance. For us, dogs walking around freely can cause an unbalance for wild life and animals. So even though we love them a lot and we know how well intentioned they can be, the barking, the fights with other dogs, excrements, hunting or scavenging wild animals and sometimes biting are amongst the reasons that guided us to make this choice. For the safety and comfort of all, please, do not bring dogs during your stay at the Center. Thank you for respecting this choice. We know that this subject is not obvious and that opinions are different. We continue our reflection and our dialogues on this subject, aiming to be as inclusive as possible while respecting the environment, the animals and the participants.

First Aid Kit and Medic

Everyone is responsible for themselves. We are in the heart of nature, 20 minutes away from the CLSC and forty minutes away from the nearest hospital. So, please be careful and vigilant, conscious and attentive to you and to the other. There is a first aid kit under the kitchen counter and a first aid kit in the community yurt, feel free to use them in case of emergency, and if you do, please let someone in the community know what was used so that it can be noted and replaced for future needs. If you have skills in first aid and rescue, let us know.

Life in the afternoon and in the night

In order to respect those who wish to sleep at night, pay attention to the designated place for nightlife and those for calm and silence. This is determined with the participants and the community at each event and its shared at the beginning of each event. However, it is an agreement that after 1:00 am, we decrease the noise in order to respect the law of the outer world as well as the neighbors.

Special needs

If you have special needs, let us know so that we can find out how to help you and see what are the different possibilities.  

Departure from the site

Please, leave the space clean, so that it’s nice to come back to it.


   Thank you!
Looking forward to welcome you


Integrating Humans into Nature

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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