Journey to the Origins

“Rituals transcend the illusion of separation and lead us to open up space-time and to relate to everything that has been, that is and that will be.”

∞ Awaken your consciousness ∞
∞ Realize the human experience ∞
∞ Go beyond fear and limitation ∞
∞ Come to presence, joy and inner peace ∞

Evening of music and songs
Nature connection

Yoga and meditation
Integration process

The Work that Reconnect
Sharing circle
Creative Scene


Three days of connection in nature.

Evening of world songs and Music.

Temazcal ceremony.

Meditation and Yoga.

Sharing circle and Integration.

Forest and mountain hikes, swimming in the river and lakes.


Collective kitchen and meal offered by Alma Tierra.

∞ The Temazcal ∞

(House of warmth Nahualt)

The sweat lodges are part of an important ritual of purification and healing of many ancestral cultures spread around the world.

Among them, the Celts called it the “Teach Allais” (Sweating House), the Lakota “Inipi”, the pre-Hispanic civilizations like the Aztec, “Temazcal” in Nahualt.

The intention of this ceremony is to heal the body, the mind and the spirit. It is a reunion with the five elements: Terra, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit. To be together in the dark to make a process of death and re-birth.

∞ You are welcome here ∞


Arrival:  Friday at 5pm
Departure: Sunday at 4pm


What to bring :

> A small, important object for you, which will be placed on the altar of the ceremony for the duration of the ceremony.
> Clothing for the Temazcal:
– Swimsuit or skirt.
– Bath towel.
> A bowl, a cup, your utensils!
> Drum, djambe, flute, musical instruments, if you wish.
> Tent, warm blanket, mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.
> Warm clothes and rain gear.

Two vegetarian meals per day and snacks.
Camping on site

* Voluntary Donation *

To participate in Alma Tierra’s retreat.

Write in your message your name, the dates, the event you want to participate and the name of the people if you are more than one. Make sure you have read the information about the retreat you are attending. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Three days in nature, of ceremonies and connections.

Alma Tierra invites you to take a journey to the heart of human existence, to the heart of the earth, to the heart of our origins. A journey to connect together, with nature and the invisible as our ancestors have practiced for millennia.

In the middle of the forest, between the mountains with rocky cliffs, the river of crystalline water and the starry night sky, we invite you to come to the essence of what you are. At the rhythm of the drum, the songs, the cry of the hawk and the whistling of the wind in the peaks of the big trees,  hear the call of the mountain.

What we offer in this retreat is to come into nature, meeting together to connect and touch what is alive in us and what is beyond us in this universe. An evening with songs and world music in the Tipi, outside with the fire or in the Yurt to open to the invisible and to rise in joy. Then, enter the womb of mother earth with the Temazcal ceremony; to the sound of the drum and the rattles, the songs and the crackling of the hot stones. They will release their energy for our way from the heart and the soul to what is home. A spiral process with the Work that Reconnects from Joanna Macy. Integrating the movements of gratitude, honoring our suffering for the world, seeing with new eyes and moving forward. It is in this spirit and this space that we advance on our path of healing towards peace, joy, connection and love.


Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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