∞ Five immersion in the hearts of the elements of creation ∞


Be in the present moment and enter a state of “flow”. Discovering your full potential and all the possibilities that are in us. Take your full place in creating a more beautiful life and world.


Weave our life with the environment. Create and develop the connection between who we are, others and nature. Transcend fear and limitations. Meet the challenges in a new way.


Learn concrete solutions and tools to live on earth together. Create nourishing and healthy models for all at the social level, food, housing, mindfulness and celebration.

To Participate in Alma Tierra’s Immersion

Write us a message with your name, the part (s) of the Immersions you want to participate in and the name of the people that will be coming with you. Make sure you have read the whole information section of each Immersion you want to participate in! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

In the joy of connecting with you!


We are here, incarnated on planet Earth, in this universe without limits and without an end.

Through the ages, indigenous peoples and tribes around the world have honored the elements of creation as the essence of Earth’s energy. Essence living inside and outside the human being, like mirrors reflecting the beauty of life, of what it is and guiding it to live its passage in this reality. Live connected with the natural world and the cosmos, encouraged to be fully oneself and to express one’s full potential in learning and support for the service of life, for the common good.

We believe that this is one of the essential keys, not only to the survival of our species, but even more to the experience of a fulfilling life, in balance and in synergy with oneself, the earth, our universe and all our relationships.

It is in the heart of nature that we invite you for this experience of learning, transformation and evolution of consciousness. Here, in the middle of the forest, come and experience life beyond the borders and packaging that our culture creates and teaches us. We rediscover that we are so much more than the name we were given at birth, that the man or woman is limited to his age, sex, nationality, career and family or social role.

We are moving towards the dissolution of beliefs and limitations to reach more and more of our authentic being, free and interconnected with all that is.

Explore and experience the human relationship to nature and the elements that constitute it, the inner transformation and the development of a new, truly nourishing and ecological culture.



Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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