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“Here is the power of gathering; it inspires us, delightfully, to have more hope, more joy, more reflection: to be more alive”.
-Alice Waters


8-9-10 May 2020


Call of the mountain

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Twin's Pines

To participate in Alma Tierra’s events.

Write in your message your name, the dates, the event you want to participate and the name of the people if you are more than one. Make sure you have read the information about the retreat you are attending. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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For us, life is a great gift.

Alma Tierra offers you to come together to share our experiences on the challenges and possible solutions that are offered to us in this great transition that we are experiencing on earth. Come together to ritualize this gift, this life and its passages that are given to us. Come together for this earth, cycles, darkness and light, death and rebirth. A moment to ritualize what we are, what surrounds us, our relationships, our dreams, our transformations. To share the challenges of our era and how to create a world of love and harmony together.

Alma Tierra gatherings mark these moments to return in a circle, to underline the changes, the cycles of life. They punctuate existence in the present. They help us connect, pass the stages and mark in space our intentions.

Their aim is to leave behind what has passed, to mark a new present, a new stage. Now is the time to look at where we were and where we are today and where we choose to go. When they make sense to us, gatherings transform what can be forgotten and trivial into living and spiritual moments. They nourish the body and the mind, the universe in which we live, they nourish life. They connect us with our body, our soul, our heart, our community, nature and the cosmos.

It is with the music that vibrates, the songs of our united voices, the dance to the rhythm of the instruments, that we find ourselves in this human experience and all that it involves. Beyond the standards of our western culture, we dive boldly towards what inspires us. It is with great love that we invite you to join us to discover a new way of coming together with all generations; inspired by ancient peoples, in connection with nature and the life that is in us.



Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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