Alma Tierra’s Team

“If we accept the fact that no one will save us from the approaching storm, but we all have to become leaders and walk towards this storm, and trust that others will follow …

If we can do that – and we can if we choose – then, this period of human history will be the time when humanity chooses to honor the gift of life and it will be a time of great celebrations. ” – Tim Macartney

We are a team of passionate visionaries, adventurous travelers, artists, caring facilitators and conscious creators. We are aware of the current situation of the planet. We choose to manifest what really makes sense to us; a teaching and a place of life and learning that offer a real and profound paradigm shift, of our way of seeing the world, to understand, to be and to act in harmony with the natural world and what is alive in us. Our team consists of people from different backgrounds and life paths who, having acquired complementary training, manifest and nourish the mission of Alma Tierra.


Actor by profession, Antoine is interested in building healthy habitats for humans and the earth. Inspired by the ancestral and modern architecture he has observed since his childhood through his travels in China, Japan, America and Europe, he is inspired by his research on sacred architecture and primitive architecture from around the world. Trained in ecological design at Solution Era and at the “Sustainable Construction Program” with Chris Magwood at the Endeavor Center, he works to develop construction methods based on the use of natural materials, recycled and directly available on site in the building. aim to harmonize modern and ancestral knowledge related to the current state of the planet.

Antoine also explores the impact of communication through his acting profession and his process in conscious communication with the Conscientia group. In 2017, he begins his second year of integration in order to be certified trainer in a few years.

As a lover of life, he enthusiastically places his presence, his knowledge and his career at the service of the Alma Tierra project.


Matthieu is the Spirit of Alma Tierra. Since a young age he has been passionate about human civilizations, first nations peoples, and by the difference in their way of living and their connection to nature.  

He has traveled to many countries around the world, exploring diverse cultures, meeting many people, communities and eco-village projects, learning about their traditions, needs, challenges and desires.

Over the last twenty years, it’s through his solitary wilderness excursions; in the mountains of France, in the Yukon and the Canadian Rockies, on the northern coast of Quebec, in the mountains of Alaska, those of Patagonia and the Himalaya, in the desert of Morocco, on the paths of Compostela and during his Visions Quests, sleeping under the stars and trusting life, he deepens his connection and love to the natural world and this Earth. By his path with medicine plants and shamanic ceremonies he experiences in a very concrete way the invisible worlds, the healing work, the cosmos, the time of infinite cycles and what is bigger than us.

Matthieu guided his first Temazcales and transformation spaces fifteen years ago, here in Quebec. Since then, he has studied “conscious communication” (non-violent) as well as mediation in Canada with the group Conscientia and Gina Cenciose. In California, he studied permaculture and social permaculture, facilitation, rituals and group process with Starhawk founder of the earth magic movement “Reclaiming”, Charles William, Erik Olsen and Adam Wolpert. He also studied “The Work that Reconnect” with Joanna Macy and “The Ecology of Leadership” with the Regenerative Design Institute. He learned “Primitive Skill” at the Tracker School with Tom Brown Jr. It is in Mexico, while pursuing his own healing process, that he assimilated, with Armando Loizaga of the Centro Nierika, news and important structures and elements to guide ceremonies with the medicine.

Today he is engaged and serving this path of transformation with alignment and love. It is with kindness, that he works, teaches and facilitates spaces of learning, healing and transformation to allow us to live a meaningful life in harmony with all our relationships and to create a new way of life on earth.



Juanita is the flame of the Alma Tierra project. With her immense “joie de vivre” and her great inner strength, Juanita is a multi-talented contributor. She explores a movement/corporal practice through her experience as a Yoga teacher. Music, sharing, circle work and healing work of the body, heart and soul inspire all of her journey and teachins. She contributes to this world by offering new spaces for developing awareness and healing, related to what we are living both within and outside of ourselves.

Juanita is deeply motivated by the reconciliation of tribes as a way of interacting at deeper levels within a community, while cultivating a sense of oneness with nature and all forms of life. Throughout her journey, she has encountered different types of healing through which music and ceremony have created and opened transformational spaces for individual and collective patterns, all towards a quest for harmonious living. Juanita creates moments of celebration, recreation and deep pleasures as ways of connecting the community together through the circle; dance, music and games!

Over the past ten years, Juanita has studied different cultures and traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, native traditions of Colombia and North America. She’s cultivating different approaches related to permaculture with StarHawk, Charles William and the “Conscientious Communication” of the Conscientia Group.


Myriam has always been passionate about body and movement. Trained at Les Grands Ballets Canadien at the age of five and graduated from Montreal’s contemporary dance school, she gained a keen awareness of the body’s relationship to health. Her practice of Yoga and Qi-Gong based on physical self-healing, emotional and mental deepen her experience and knowledge in the field.

Together with the Conscientia group, she completed a training in accompaniment and nonviolent communication which added to her practice a powerful approach of benevolence and compassion.

It is with her love for cooking and her unique qualities in the preparation and fusion of ingredients that she completes to offer to the bodies this healthy and balanced transformation so that the whole being can radiate vitality.


Stephane is a sadhaka, a researcher of meaning, passionate about travel, philosophy and spirituality. Whether by Heart, Knowledge or Action, this quest for sincere and determined understanding is manifested today in many ways in his life and within the Alma Tierra project.

PhD student and lecturer at HEC Montréal, Stéphane studies and teaches the critical theories of sustainable degrowth at the university. It puts forward a philosophy and actions focused on the transition to a society of “happy sobriety”, ecologically sustainable and based on human connections and nature.

Stéphane trained in permaculture with Andy and Jessie Darlington, in the philosophy of children for the SVEVE foundation and loves to transmit with his head and his heart.


​Charles a life long wilderness traveler come to us from the short grass savannas of the Mississippi river valley. He is a certified permaculture designer and lover of the wild, who is committed to healthy communities and a belief that knowing ones place and working with one’s hands is sacred work.

Over the past three decades he has traveled widely; from the rivers and lakes of Canada to the deserts in the southwestern US, from hight in the rocky mountains to the coastal rainforest’s. Amid his travels he has had the honer of stewarded many pieces of land. His approach simultaneously promotes both preservation of wild spaces and conservation of the domestic. His deep respect for and relationship with the divine in nature informs all he does, integrating spiritual practices with land connection.

Charles also understands the need for healthy community and knows that skilled human implementation is an essential part of any design. In these challenging times, he finds hope for the future through the interlocking, symbiotic relationship of spirit, community, and land.

On a constant search to connect to land and place Charles has delved deeply into the skills of knowing place. He has apprenticed to fire and water, earth and sky. He has cultivated the skills in gathering, growing and cook food, build comfortable shelter, creating clothes and making tools. Weaving the hard skills of survival with the softer skills of thriving he attempts to walks in a life of balance and beauty.


Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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