Central Values

“”We are at the service of life and the common good for the emancipation of all beings.”
– Alma Tierra

Here, we share Alma Tierra’s eight central values and how we experience them. These values are guidelines that help us navigate this world in a more meaningful way and guide us on the path we have chosen to walk. They allow us to be clear with ourselves and our relationships and to keep consistent thoughts and actions related to what we choose to preserve and create.

Those values are integrated part of our processes and the wheel of the elements with which we guide the transformation. Each one of them brings us further along our path of evolution and consciousness. Through the cycles of our lives, we learn to understand their deep meanings and how to eat them at every moment.

Truth is the first value taught on the path of consciousness and happiness. Many myths and spirituality tells that our world is an illusion, a dream. That we are the dreamers and that we can wake up. The first step is to remove our masks to see the invisible, beyond illusion. Beyond the fears of being true, beyond the attempt to control what surrounds us, beyond conditioning. That, to discover oneself and to offer to the world what we really are. This to discover the universe in which we live.

Be true with ourself first, accept who we are, and then be true with all our relationships.

Masks and the veil of illusion are dissolved by truth and our relationships become much deeper, nourishing and transformative. Without truth, we can not wake up. With truth, we find our integrity of soul at the service of life, we find the divine, which is sacred.

This is the path of Truth.

Respect means to honor and act with every being, every thing and all creation as a free and sovereign entity. Respect comes with the clear understanding that there is a fundamental and interrelated relationship between all things and all living things. The understanding that we are an interconnected part of a complex whole and that we will always be, even after death. In this way, every thought, action, emotion experienced and project will return to affect us with the same energy. With this understanding, self-respect is paramount as well as respect for the other and everything that appears to us outside of us. Respect for our commitments and the energy that everyone offers in our relationships and in this world. Respect for everyone’s rhythm, our challenges, our experiences. Respect is to ask those affected by our behavior their consent before acting and to act only in accordance with their consent.


Respect requires detachment in the face of one’s own desires. It asks to integrate a vision greater than the individual self to encompass the entire creation, the universal self.

With respect, we emerge from the grip of violence, war, destruction and enter into a state of living co-creation for the benefit of all.

Courage comes from the heart that opens so we can advance on the less traveled path. It allows us to undertake what seems difficult, sometimes terrifying and unknown, going beyond fear, accepting suffering, facing danger, trusting in ourselves, and being greater than ourselves. Authentic courage exists with the presence of fear, as well as the surpassing of it in action. Courage, then, is to look at life and act in coherence with its values, its gifts, its inner strength and accept that we do not have control over the immensity of reality.

It is to stand for what seems right to us, for ourselves and our inner truth, for our family, our community, the earth and all creation. It is choosing not to let go and not let go of the other when the challenges arise. Courage is essential to the path of the heart.

It requires a desire for emancipation, transformation and evolution. With courage, we stop hiding from life and adversity. We open our hearts wide and we plunge into the unknown with the power of love, for ourselves and for all our relationships.

With courage, we leave behind the false comfort of a conditioned and limited existence and we enter into the unfolding of the experience of the divine being that we are.

H umility is acquired with time and the experience of life. It grows when one chooses to go through great trials and deep suffering by relying on what is greater than the individual self. In the depths of the shadows, we are confronted with the human dimension, our strengths, our weaknesses and our wounds. By abandoning oneself to the divine energy, one then becomes conscious and one experiences our condition and place in the midst of others and in the universe. We then grow in emotional maturity because we understand that we are no more and no less than every living being and that we have started from a sacred whole, moving in an experience apparently separate  but indissociable.

Humility is the awareness that we have an infinite way to go and that it is so. That we are both a drop of water in the ocean and that the totality of the divine resides in us. It is the opening for something other than our own beliefs, and that each one as a piece of the great living tapestry.

Humility therefore invites us to recognize ourselves fully, without pride and with love, and to recognize each other in the same way. To celebrate this in the rejoicing and interconnection between all beings.

With Humility, we leave the insatiable goals and objectives of the wounded self, the scared being, the anxious mind that tries to control and we enter life and walk in the service of all, the creation, the divine. We are then the river that flows constantly towards the ocean of cosmic consciousness.

Kindness the state of being from the heart that aspires and wishes the happiness of all beings. From this true and assumed aspiration arise thoughts and acts that cure loneliness, isolation, fear, anger, sadness. Kindness towards oneself is to listen to what we feel and to welcome, to honor and to be able to take care of oneself. Kindness towards the other person is to be attentive to the being who suffers or who would benefit from our help and to be there for him. It is to welcome what he feels and understand what he needs then to do our best to support him in his path and that without any expectation but with the clear intention to participate in his happiness without attachment .

Kindness has no scale. It is found daily and in the present moment. It offers a hand, an ear, a comforting word, a meal to the hungry, a sincere smile, a shelter for the night. It opens a door to connection and it is then that a sense of brotherhood, of human and more than human community is born between us.

With kindness, we leave behind isolation and separation, we abandon oppression and competition to live in support, sharing, and prosperity in inter-relationship.

Responsibility is linked to the transition from innocent childhood to the mature consciousness of being. It’s about our way of responding to life independently from our culture belief with our skills and all that we are. It is to evaluate the effects of our thoughts and actions as well as their provenance and to act with integrity for the sake of the macrocosm and the macrocosm. It must be balanced with the power healthily received by the human and the natural community, from one’s lived experience and the wisdom acquired. The responsibility lies with every sovereign and free human being and is not subject to the domain of an oppressive law, rules out of context, a political system, an illegitimate power, a time or a place given. It is based on a universal order system of interrelated relationship. Each one of us is responsible for its singularity, it presence, the intensity of the life that it invests in it as well as each of our thoughts and actions related to our relationships, the natural world. 

Transcendent responsibility requires breaking down the common standards of humanity to walk the path of the soul. It asks to open one’s heart and let it vibrate loudly, to build will and clear vision to truly transform human and more than human history .

With responsibility, we abandon the inertia as well as the discharge of our inner power to a fictional authority. We wake up to the fact that people can not stop us from being happy, that all will benefit from our happiness and our awakening. We become aware and experience that the fusion of the individual being with his full responsibility to the entire universe highlights our existence, the past, the present and the future at once.

Love is the divine center.

It is the creative energy and inspiration that gave rise to all that exists. It is the impulse that engendered the great separation in order to experience itself. The ultimate love is endless, boundless and limitless. It is unconditional, everywhere and always present for every part of what we are, for every part of the whole. Love does not judge, does not define, does not label. It has no age, no color, no sex, no nationality. Love is the power felt through all bodies in essence. It is expanding at every moment that we ask to connect with it with the intention of opening our heart. It welcomes us ceaselessly and tirelessly and brings us to the ecstasy of happiness and the fusional alliance.

Love is the birds singing at sunrise, it’s the gentle kiss of the wind on our skin, it’s the smile of the stranger who crosses our path. It is the saving rain that cleans our bodies and our wounds. Love is the fertile ground that supports each of our steps, it is the fruit of the tree that grows through storms and warm days. It is the bright stars that watch over us as the ancestors of one same life.

Love is conscious, never naive, it crosses the mind with acuity and penetrates the soul of the one who is thirsty for the divine. It is aware that every human being is grappling with his own challenges, his own suffering and that only Love can relieve from this. It asks us to love ourselves, with all our shadows and all our light and to love each other with all its shadows and all its light.

With Love, we come out of unconsciousness entangled in suffering and patterns of mental limitation and we enter the realm of joy and universal abundance.

To know Love is to know peace and happiness.

Wisdom is the maturity of being.

It is acquired with awareness and responsibility for the impact of thoughts and actions related to all life, the impermanence of all things and the transition from death and rebirth. It is the result of evolution following trials, experience and self-knowledge, shadow and suffering, light and happiness.

Wisdom implements each of the values consistent for it with integrity in everyday life because it feels the impact and knows the meaning. It is patient knowing that everything happens in its time and that it is useless to force a flower to open its petals.

Wisdom acts in trust and service of life because it knows that it is only a part of everything and that the divine breath is its guide on the path of the unknown. It invites us to transform our thoughts and actions in relation to lived experiences, knowing that to reproduce what causes suffering brings us back to “samsara” and that the way to happiness and enlightenment is to change these patterns for behaviors align with Love and the well-being of all.

With Wisdom, we go out of ignorance and evolve towards the understanding, the experience and the incarnation of the divine energy.


Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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