The Great Reunion

Winter is over and spring is here! Life full of strength emerges from the trees, the flowers, the soil. The streams flow one more time and the song of the birds are back. The earth, filled with love for her children, is changing … Some of us come back from a long journey, both internal as well as external at times. So, it’s time for the Great Homecoming; The Great Re-union. Time to celebrate nature, the return of our friends, the people we love and the family. It’s time to celebrate the incredible fertility that is ready to give life again after the winter. This immense strength which, beyond distance, dark days, challenges and sorrows, gives birth to us and unites us all. A time to celebrate love in the encounter of who we are, of each other; love for this land thats so beautiful and love for this life which is so unique.

Beltane is the season of maturation of life and of the re-union with this deep love.

It’s time to celebrate the meeting of the masculine and feminine creative energies. The creatrice and creator, which arrive to their maturity, come together in Love and Trust to celebrate the joy of their union. And in this union, in oneself and with others, it’s the time for vows and commitments that we make for the times to come. It is a wish that will lead us to manifest our dreams and our visions for the creation of the most beautiful world that lives in us.

We invite you with great joy to this celebration which also announces the opening of the 2018 Alma Tierra’s season!!


In the program:

– Puting up the Alma Tierra’s Great Tipi
– Games, music and time in nature for meeting and exchanging
– Big bonfire and the celebration of Beltane: singing together, playing music and dancing to the beat of the drums.
– The May tree, a union of the feminine and the masculine, symbol of the creation of life.
– Sharing Circle on Love, Sexuality and Sensuality
– Greetings and Commitment for the season and the times to come
– Great Potluck for all the meals! 

* Camping on site

~ EVENT DETAILS: Important to read ~


Come celebrate with us one, two or three days 🙂 –

Arrivals starting on Friday  from 12h pm.
Opening Circle for Beltane: Friday at 8h pm
Closing of the Circle: Sunday at 4h pm

What to bring:

  • A small object thats important for you, which holds a meaning connected to Love
  • A bowl, a cup, your utensils!
  • Your food for the weekend and to share during the potluck meals!
  • Drum, djembe, flute, guitar, and other musical instruments if you wish.
  • Songs and stories for the celebration of Beltane.
  • Tent, warm blankets, mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.
  • Warm clothes and clothes for rain.


In the spirit of this celebration, we ask you to come without any alcohol and/or drugs. Also, we ask you to leave any electronic device (except for medical exception) in your car to allow us all to connect together, with nature and spirit in a deeper way and to really appreciate the present moment.


To Participate of Alma Tierra’s Celebrations

Write us a message with your name, the celebration you want to attend to and the name of the people that will be coming with you. Make sure you have read the information about the celebration you are attending to! And, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Voluntary Donation!

Looking forward to celebrate with you 🙂


The Joy of our Universe
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The Time of the Harvest
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The Night of the Spirit
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Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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