The Way of Communication
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“The human being is a part of a whole, called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest, an optical illusion of consciousness. This illusion is a kind of prison for us, limiting us to our personal desires and affection for our loved ones. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by broadening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and all of nature in its beauty.” – Albert Einstein

∞ Touch your truth ∞
∞ Communicate with consciousness and kindness ∞
∞ Guide spaces of authenticity ∞
∞ Create harmony in your relationships ∞

Yoga and Meditation
Connection to nature
Role games
Creative scenes

Vision and intention
Listening and empathy
Conscious communication
Decision process

Sharing Circles
Tales, music and songs


Connect together, in nature in listening, sharing and wisdom.

Understand the fundamentals of human behavior, the root of conflict and the solutions to get resolve it.

Live an individual and group process to transform our ways of communicating.

Learn to live dialogues where everyone is nourished by mutually found strategies.

Open new space in oneself and in a group where everyone in their place and where conflicts are turned into opportunities to learn.

Create authentic and meaningful human connections.

Create relationships based on an intent rooted in love and a vision grounded in wisdom.


What to bring :

> A bowl, a cup, your utensils!
> Tent, warm blanket, mattress, sleeping bag and pillow.
> Warm clothing and rain gear.
> Swim suit and towel.
> Pencils and notebook.
> A small significant object for you in connection with this immersion.
> Drum, djembe, flute, musical instruments, if you wish.

Two vegan meals a day and snacks.
Camping on site.

To participate

Write in your message your name, the part (s) of the Immersions you want to participate in and the names of the people if you are more than one. Make sure you have read the information on the part of the Immersion in which you come to participate! We will contact you for details. Do not hesitate to write to us if you have questions.

In the joy of connecting with you!


The air is the breath of life. It is the inspiration and the expiration of the cosmic thought which materializes in light then in matter on the terrestrial plane. The air is the gentle morning breeze that envelops us as the sun rises and brightens the day. She is the tornado that blows spiral to remind us of our fragility and raised us to the sky. It is the north wind that brings intention and clear vision to communicate through the voice of the heart.

The air invites us to open our perception of the world and see beyond the limited self in order to reach a powerful and transformative intention. It invites us to connect with the collective consciousness and learn concretely how to communicate, untie, facilitate, decide together by including the uniqueness of each.

In this immersion we connect with our inner self. We realize that it is with the passage of life, years, challenges, death and the moments of grace that we learn to love unconditionally. It is through this experience that wisdom grows in us and then comes time to share it with the beings around us.

We are also aware that all these experiences and knowledge: mental, spiritual, bodily, emotional, require an intention and a vision in the service of life in order to have a nourishing impact for what exists and the generations to come. All this knowledge and experience also requires concrete tools to be communicated and welcomed by the other.

It is the elder who becomes master in the cosmic storm and maintains the balance between human culture and the natural community of the world. It is the sharing with future generations of his passage on earth and his preparation for the great departure to the hermit’s cave.


Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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