– Alma Tierra’s Journey –

“When you feel the calling, when you hear the wind whisper in your soul it is time for you to explore the world, do not let the hesitation and fear choose for you. Listen to your heart, it will guide you. The companions you need will come at the right time and even when nobody will be at your side, you will never be alone. Your every step will lead you to who you are. Each of your stare’s shall see this land and its immensity. Each of your tears will be shed for healing, the joy of life and emancipation, towards what you are called to become. My friend’s, my brother, my sister, what you will leave behind will be even more beautiful to your eyes because you will know that life is manifested in the unknown and all those you love, in the infinite will never be separated from you.” – Alma Tierra

Since immemorial time, human has traveled to discover the world. Following the sun, the stars, his intuition, he walked on this earth to meet its mysteries, its light and its shadows.

For us, the journey is the starting symbol to a new life and a path to the invisible. Leaving is to accept this path, letting behind what is needed to see what’s ahead. It’s taking his bag on his back, as light as possible, because we do not need so much in truth. It is to trust and to put ouself to challenge. It’s go deep inside ourself and discover its strengths, grief and joy supported by all creation. It is to accept that we will come back transformed, without knowing how. It’s a rite of passage.

We believe that the human being, when he chooses to leave his life, he is not escaping but he decides to go in the unknown, in search of what is inside and outside, in search of what really makes sense. It’s going to meet each other and understand that we are all connected, brothers and sisters on this earth. Traveling is a way to learn to live where soul meets body, at every moment, in the feverish and intensive rain, sun, wind, storms and calm days.

For many years now, we are traveling the world with this intention, always to learn, meet, grow, understand, feel how to be here on this earth. What we offer, with Alma tierra’s journey is to go to the discovery of the world and your own discovery, it is to put you to the test and harvest the gifts it will bring. To travels Where Soul Meets Body is to become aware of who we are and discover our great inner power and learn to embody it with strength and kindness. It’s to share who we are and what inspire us and learn to unite and harmonize our relation to create a vision in agreement with what lies in us and the principles of our universe. It is to discover how to manifest our dreams and act with alignment and connection. It’s to put into practice each of those teachings, with self, others and our environment.

During our travels, we will have the opportunity to meet and work with different groups, communities and cultures and to practice these teachings. Throughout these adventures we go together to meet this land, these people and who we are; inter-connected and integral part in this universe.

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Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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