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“To discover the truths in him, one must seek what lies beyond boundaries. To find truths about life, one must go beyond what his countries have wanted to teach him and then come back and share with humility, what he has found.” – Alma TIerra

If the education that we received is an integral part of what shapes us and the world we create, it is time for us to learn and to teach a new way of living and being. If what we are and what we create is the manifestation of a world where war, hunger, injustice, destruction and endless exploitation rages, it is time for us to learn and teach a new way of being and living.

This is not to be negative to watch what is real; not to do so is to avoid and hide. The suffering of living beings and the collapse of the world as we have known is there and to really look, to become aware, to connect to this suffering and this collapse is not something that we learn on the schools benches … So with no real hope we continue to roll at crazy speed on a deadly road that is built with the blood of this land and its children.

To see beyond self and his own little world demand to stop this unhealthy race and to inform, to seek, to face. This requires learning anew, to organize, and act. Together.

The power is in our hands, what we need is inside and around us. We believe it is time and it is possible to transform our way of being and interacting on this earth for the good of all.

At Alma Tierra, that is what we explore and teach; with groups of all ages, from all backgrounds and all cultures. How to find our inner power through awareness and connecting with our inner nature. How to support and share our strengths and how to create a nourishing and regenerating life for us, future generations and the earth.

This call you? Follow our  calendar for the upcoming classes! or contact us.


Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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