– Our Vision of the World –

In every color and circumstance, may our eyes be open for what is to come.
– Mirza Ghalib

Our vision of the world is one where we, human beings live on planet Earth with consciousness, freedom, harmony, joy, love, wisdom and respect with all our relations. It is the vision of a world where we integrate the sacred and wild aspect of all life and the universe in which we live. A world where we stop the destruction of what is alive and the oppression of others. A world where we all work together with the earth, for the healing, regeneration and emancipation of who we are, this planet, our relationships and for the common good of all beings and generations to come. Where everyone has their place and is encouraged to develop and share their strengths and qualities for the good of all. A world where we celebrate with gratitude the beauty of the cycles of life.

– Our Mission –

Self Realization ∞ Awakening of Consciousness ∞ Ecology


The dissolution of the old and the articulation of the new times. 
Planting the seeds that connect the Soul to the Earth.
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


In response to the current human and global situation, Alma Tierra is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide spaces for self realization, awakening of consciousness and ecology.

Our work is based on a holistic system of processes, experiences, learning, education and connection. We offer and experience methods that touch the root of aspects of human life. The goal is to discover our full potential, interact and express what we are, with the fundamental value of love and respect for all beings. 

This process is about learning to live happily with the Earth and all our relationships by making sure everyone’s needs are nurtured.

To realize this, we:

1 – We create the Alma Tierra Center, surrounded by nature. This center evolves towards a truly ecological and deeply nourishing model of life, integrating and sharing Alma Tierra’s vision. This place is the manifestation of a real alternative to the industrial growth society where we develop a life of emancipation, in agreement with the real needs of humans and those of the earth. 

2- We offer the processes, teachings, learning and experiences of Alma Tierra. This, to groups, communities and organizations locally and internationally. We work with these groups and communities to create the space for deep inner transformation to create living, loving, joyful, living, just and nourishing ways for ourselves and for future generations.

– Our Approach – 

Our approach is based on our connection with the main elements of the creation and three pillar principles:
Self Realization ∞ Awakening of Consciousness ∞ Ecology.

Self Realization consists of returning to our source of personal power and discovering the nature of our spirit. Awakening of Consciousness means to unite with the divine energy and each of our forces together, in order to create a world of meaning and happiness. Ecology is the importance of understanding that we are all related with our natural environment. Through this understanding, we take action to create a world and way of living where human needs, the earth’s needs, and all living things needs are met and respected. Ecology are actions and commitments towards prosperity and health, and where prosperous living may flourish for all.


Self Realization
Awakening of Consciousness, Ecology

For the Benefit of All Beings
Manifesting a world of peace, love, joy and prosperity for all.


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